Network Solutions


These solutions present comprehensive high-speed internet services for enterprises, creating domestic and international connectivity that places a strong emphasis on privacy. UIH provides these services through its highly-stable and extremely-secure fiber optic network. From these many efficient solutions, UIH customers can easily choose the ones that best suit their type of businesses. Boasting MEF CE 1.0andCE 2.0 certifications, UIH offers quality hardware-maintenance and software-update services. Customers can also rely on UIH for direct connections to international Cloud Service Providers. Enabling customers’ businesses to move at a faster speed, UIH offers direct high-speed access to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office365 and Google. As customers connect directly to these world-class cloud services from their computer network, they enjoy higher efficiency and greater flexibility when compared with normal internet. Such solutions indeed promise to give UIH customers maximum ability to answer to ever-changing business needs in the Digital Economy Age.

Domestic Network
  • MPLS
  • EoSDH
  • Cloud VPN
  • 4G Connect


Global Network
  • IPLC
  • IP VPN
  • IP Transit
  • Cloud Direct
  • Cloud Direct for AWS
  • Cloud Direct for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
  • Cloud Direct for Google