HIBS Internet Gateway

HIBS is a Hi-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) management solution offering the most comprehensive and unified hotel Internet billing solution as well as hotel bandwidth management solution for single and chain of Hotels. HIBS has been designed and developed especially for the hospitality industry with features like access control, bandwidth management, guest management, Internet billing and service management. HIBS is smart enough to limit unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, and allow only authenticated traffic to serve the Internet. HIBS is integrated with all well-known Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market. HIBS access controller is perfectly offered as stand-alone solution with pre-loaded features, but it also offers the flexibility to be integrated with third party systems offering freedom to hoteliers for providing one-step-ahead services for their guests.

How Hotel WiFi Software Works

Upon accessing your hotspot, a guest is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page. To obtain Internet access, a guest may login with an existing account or signup for your services: by paying with a credit card or PayPal, by charging the bill on the room number, or by entering a pre provided voucher ticket. Entire profit is 100% yours.
If you provide a free Wi-Fi service, a guest may sign-up for a free account, click a start button for access then simply enter a shared keyword provided on check-in. HIBS software will control the duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally collect your customers e-mail, name, address, for your safety and marketing activity.

Combine Free Trial Use with Paid Faster Access

Hotel Wi-Fi software helps you offer free trial Internet access and convert your customers into paid subscribers. The entire process is automated and follows the rules you specify; duration of the free trial, number of logins per day, available bandwidth quota, download and upload rate, time of day when free access is available, and much more. Once the customer is satisfied, he can sign-up for the higher-level account without restrictions.
The ability to offer a service for a paid upgrade is very important, as business users or those needing video streaming will not be satisfied with your free-level service. On the contrary, users needing only simple services, as browsing or Email access would be acceptable for a free offer, and be loyal to your main services.

Post Charges to the Guest Room – PMS

Integrate Hotel Wi-Fi with your PMS system and automate billing for your guests. Customer chooses their own username and password, price-plan (like 7 days of Internet) and confirms the identity with a room number and personal details. If successful, payment is added via the provided room number, and the customer will see this charge on the bill printed by PMS operator upon checkout.

This module is a subject to an additional charge. Supported PMS interfaces are: Micros Opera, Fidelio, Protel, Comanche, EasyFo, Starlight, IDS, etc. It includes a generic XML interface, which can be used by any PMS software company to create interface with the HIBS software.


Access Management

  • - Authentication
    • Login through client web-based
    • Device based auto-login

  • - Authorization
    • Based on MAC and IP address
    • Re-Authorization Functionality
    • MAC Based Auto Login

  • - Accounting
    • On hours, days, data transfer

Captive Portal Capabilities

  • - Create Customization Login Page – HTTP Enabled
  • - Integrated with Social Media
  • - User Self Registration
  • - Create Page for SMS OTP based login
  • - Promotion and Branding options

Multiple Gateway Load balancing

  • - Supports Multiple ISP Links
  • - Weight Based Round Robin Traffic Balancing
  • - Immediate Failure Detection
  • - Intelligently Redirect Traffic to Active Gateways

PMS Integration

  • - Guest Check-In & Check-Out Details
  • - Offers Consolidated Billing for Internet
  • - Supports Centralized PMS System for Multi-location Property

Third Party Integrations

  • - Third Party Access Controller & Authentication System
  • - CRM Integration

Bandwidth Management

  • - Individual and Shared Bandwidth Quota
  • - Bandwidth Scheduling & Fair Usage Policy
  • - Restrict Users Based on Bandwidth

Guest Management

  • - Complete User Life Cycle Management
  • - Account ID based User Credentials
  • - Create | Activate | Suspend | Renew | Archive Users
  • - Room based multi-device policy
  • - Guest Management Based Reports

Package Management

  • - Prepaid & Postpaid packages
  • - Create Hourly and Day based plans
  • - Registration & Renewal packages
  • - Guest check-out based package option
  • - Create Complimentary | VIP | Business Centre Plans
  • - Dedicated Conference | Banquet Hall Plans
  • - Facilitates Topup for prepaid plans

Internet Billing

  • - Data Billing
  • - Peak & Off-peak Billing
  • - Pre-paid and Post-paid Billing
  • - Customizable Multi-Service Invoice Template

Coupon Management

  • - Branding & Customizable Coupon Templates
  • - Create Package Coupons
  • - Facilitates Online Coupon Purchase
  • - Instant coupon generation in printable formats
  • - Post coupon details directly to room via PMS
  • - System generated username & passwords
  • - Pin Aging - Coupons with expiry date


  • - Role Based Multiple Level Administration – Console & Admin GUI (ACL)
  • - Change Password Options
  • - Multi-functionality Dashboard Facility
  • - Ease of admin interface
  • - Quick configuration options


  • - Admin GUI Usage Log - *Audit Reports
  • - Reports in CSV/Printable/Graphical/PDF
  • - MIS & BI Reports

SMS Gateway

  • - Integrated with well-known SMS gateways
  • - Facilitates different message templates
  • - Send message at different events – Register/Renew/Login/Logout etc.
  • - SMPP Support Internet