Internet Solutions

Web Hosting

This service provides spaces for your websites. With high performance of our web server and the 24-hour support of our experienced technical staff, you can be confident that your websites under administration will continually communicate with your target customers without interruption. When using together with other services, e.g. email or domain registration, your businesses will fully go online and make the most of all available functions.

Who is suitable for the service?

  • Enterprises or corporations that require website services to meet business demands
  • Enterprises or corporations that require fast updating of their website contents
  • Enterprises or corporations that require the reliable service which guarantees the prevention of data loss

Service Features

  • Compatibility with Windows or Unix-based operating systems
  • High-speed data transmission with unlimited bandwidth
  • Prevention of data loss


  • Backup system to prevent data loss
  • High-speed data communication with unlimited bandwidth