Internet Solutions

Data Center

Data Center receives an international standard ISO27001. This standard ensures enterprise customers of security of the data resides within the data center. The superb security can be met because the data center is engineered by experts who have experience in meeting high demand of IT professionals. The CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) and electrical systems, for example, are designed specifically to keep all IT equipment running smoothly even outside environment are severe.

Centralized Chiller System

The data center was also design with "green" concept. Centralized Air Conditioning system was employed to give precision of temperatures as well as 15% energy saving when compared to normal precision air conditioning system. And this providers a saving of 522,000 electricity units per year and produced less 290 tons annually.

CFC Free

Data Center's fire suppression system uses CFC Free substance which is considered as clean and efficient suppression substance and will leave less pollutant subsidence. And it will not impact of the electronic parts within the servers. This is part of Green Data Center design concept.